The technology underpinning smart cities

At SSE Enterprise Contracting, we’re at the forefront of smart city technology. Together, with our colleagues at Mayflower Smart Control, we’re working directly with many digitally ambitious local authorities to help create the connected cities of the future, today.

Our CMS (Central Management System) is at the heart of connectivity and is enabling forward thinking cities to access the Internet of Things (IoT) and realise the true benefit for their citizen of collecting and managing data.

Putting the citizen first

How do we achieve this? Combined insight into pollution, waste disposal and traffic data allows cities to make decisions that help improve the environmental health of the area. It also provides the means to better traffic management, collecting road temperature data to tell gritters when to grit. Additionally we facilitate the control of dynamic street lighting that can dim and brighten when conditions dictate.

What we do

  • Solving the parking conundrum: using data trends to predict parking availability
  • Reduce time idling with traffic forecasting: using historic and real-time data to interpret patterns and support traffic management by generating short and long-term traffic forecasts
  • Less wastage for refuse collections: helping refuse operators manage waste disposal more productively, ensuring the streets are clean and the impact on the environment is reduced
  • Provide pollution analysis: collecting and analysing environmental data to help find the causes of pollution, with the aim of dramatically reducing its effect in the area

One of the world’s largest fully operational CMS

Our expertise isn’t limited to the public sector nor is it exclusive to the UK. We are working globally to enable the IoT to become reality and can tailor the CMS to meet the demands of large campus environments such as refineries or universities.

With the world’s largest fully operational smart street lighting CMS network, our technology is proven to increase operational efficiency and share information to improve both the quality of services and its citizens welfare.

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