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At SSE Enterprise Contracting, we take the time to understand your needs before designing and building the HV infrastructure to power your organisation. We have a strong heritage built on our commercial relationships with DNO, IDNO, and private networks and pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver from design to handover.

Extensive experience

Working across all market sectors, we have built strong long-term relationships with over 900 HV network customers. Through a combination of our skills and expertise, we are at the centre of both large and small HV infrastructure projects, network upgrades and robust improvements. Our team of HV designers utilise the latest design software and work hand in glove with our engineers to deliver robust supply networks.

Voltage and installation

Our team of directly employed HV engineers are authorised to operate with 11, 33 & 132kV networks. With a national reach, we provide design and build services to a variety of customers including, hospitals, utilities, MOD, Petrochemical and renewable generation sectors.

Upgrading and reinforcing infrastructure

The UK’s ageing HV networks require upgrading to improve energy efficiency and supply resilience to meet our increasing demand for reliable energy. At SSE Enterprise Contracting, we work with our customers to ensure their networks continue to operate safely, efficiently and minimise unplanned supply interruptions.

Pre-designed construction projects – We also undertake pre-designed construction projects through tendered or negotiated contracts.

Our High Voltage services

From the design and build of a new installation to ongoing maintenance contracts, SSE Enterprise Contracting covers all your HV needs:

  • Consultancy
  • Design and build
  • Updating safety and environmental considerations’
  • Civil engineering of substations
  • Network assessments to advise on HV transformer upgrades, switch-gear replacement and cable overlays

We offer a reminder service so your High Voltage system maintenance is a matter of course. Please scroll down to the form below.

High voltage maintenance free reminder service

Set a completely FREE, no obligation reminder for when your high voltage maintenance and inspection are due. This service is available to everyone, even if you haven't used our services before.

Our engineers can help you determine what tests you need, and advise you of the recommended inspection and maintenance frequency as they can vary from 6 months to 4 years.

In order for us to inform you when your high voltage maintenance and inspection are due, please complete the form below and we will contact you either by email or phone a few weeks before to give you a gentle reminder.

Inspection of substations

Maintenance of high voltage equipment / networks

If you have more than one site, please either provide details in this box or set another reminder.

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