Ensuring your network’s resilience 

Our customers place their trust in our national team of 250 qualified HV experts to deliver first class HV maintenance on their network. In fact, our engineers are responsible for ensuring over 1,200 private HV networks in the UK and Ireland operate effectively and are compliant with statutory regulations.

As a customer of SSE Enterprise Contracting you will benefit from a tailored approach that will meet your specific requirements.

Comprehensive range of maintenance services

As an appointed HV maintenance provider, SSE Enterprise Contracting will:

  • Comply with all relevant statutory regulations
  • Carry out routine non-intrusive substation inspections
  • Undertake routine intrusive maintenance
  • Notification of nationally reported defects
  • Assess network resilience
  • Advice on how to improve energy efficiency

And we offer three service level agreements for HV Maintenance:

COMA (Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreement) consists of the following services:

  • The site delegates full operational control of the network to SSE Enterprise Contracting
  • SSE Enterprise Contracting Undertake all maintenance and operational requirements in accordance with the statutory regulations

OMA (Operation and Maintenance Agreement) provide the following service level:

  • The customer retains full operational control of the network
  • SSE Enterprise Contracting are the nominated maintenance provider and undertake all maintenance and operational requirements in accordance with the statutory regulations

Ad hoc Agreements will require customers to,

  • Retain full operational control of their network
  • Organise all maintenance and operational activity to their own requirements

Free reminder service

We offer a reminder service so your HV system maintenance is a matter of course. Please scroll down to the form below.


High voltage maintenance free reminder service

Set a completely FREE, no obligation reminder for when your high voltage maintenance and inspection are due. This service is available to everyone, even if you haven't used our services before.

Our engineers can help you determine what tests you need, and advise you of the recommended inspection and maintenance frequency as they can vary from 6 months to 4 years.

In order for us to inform you when your high voltage maintenance and inspection are due, please complete the form below and we will contact you either by email or phone a few weeks before to give you a gentle reminder.

Inspection of substations

Maintenance of high voltage equipment / networks

If you have more than one site, please either provide details in this box or set another reminder.

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